Wendy Mandel McDaniel

Ever since I was a child, I've been collecting and "hoarding" everything. Like a raven building her nest, I was attracted to twigs, the twine, the shiny.
Everyday objects of my childhood implanted themselves in my psyche.  Things like the porcelain figurines on the living room lamp; gold fringe on the green velvet sofa; floral pattern tea cups and saucers in my mother's curio cabinet, the cookie jar holding grandma's delicious sugar cookies; the fake waxed fruit in the bowl that never looked real, but that I was always tempted to bite.

As an adult, triggered I suppose by these vivid memories, I scour thrift stores and yard sales, flea markets, and junkyards searching for my lost inner child.  I draw inspiration from the natural world as well.  Moss, dried flowers, stone, and wood. For me, their essence is vital to counter balance the artificial.  In my pieces, it is sometimes difficult to tell one from the other - I find a strange irony in this organic interplay - it adds to the fantasy quality and makes the telling much more interesting.                                                                                

Recycle the old
and discarded

snatches of texture
of everyday life
like a bizarre puzzle
pieced together

and unlikely remnants
to create


EMAIL wendymandel@gmail.com