Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Art for Healing. October First Friday

Emma Greenhill

Art for Healing - October First Friday

It's been a rough month for our city. When Irma hit, we saw the shock of our community coming back from another storm, when so many were still recovering from Hurricane Matthew, not even a year before.  Even weeks later, we drive past the debris piles, leaves, boughs and belongings on the side of the road waiting to be taken away.  We hurt for our friends, fellow artists and galleries that have been impacted, for the families left homeless and we still feel the fatigue that permeates throughout. Our hearts are heavy also for those families affected by the hurricane in Puerto Rico and other Caribbean islands.  

Mala Prayer Beads
We are "St Augustine Strong", and we tarry forth as best as we can.  Sharing our love for our neighbors and committing once more to rebuild and renew our spirit.  

Of course, as we look at the violence from headlines that come to us every day, it seems as though our country and indeed the world, needs healing energies sent forth. 

We welcome all our guests, friends and artists to join us, to bring our community together in art and spirit.  To give your prayers for healing, in whatever way you see fit, and to share with each other the sacred spirit of love. 

Amiro is a Timucuan indian word, that means 'Much, Many or Plenty'.  We wish you all an abundance of healing and joy.

Brad Taylor-Hicks - Venus of Laussel, Mother Goddess

Nancy Hamlin-Vogler - Buddha Cards

Brad Taylor-Hicks - Runes