Tuesday, May 2, 2017

May days! Celebrate Nature at Amiro Art & Found this First Friday.

As May day passes by, everything is blooming around us on Aviles Street. We wanted to highlight two exceptional artists who take their inspiration directly from mother nature's bounty.


Wendy Wrenn shapes clay with extraordinary grace.  Each piece of pottery, as functional as it is artful, is designed to bring beauty into the small moments of our day.  As Wendy herself states,

"It is a conscious choice for me each day to make pots, to entice others to use and share these forms.  The choices of where we place our money and energy is an economic statement, but there is also an emotional component and larger cultural significance when people choose to support an artist’s work. These decisions shape our world of external objects as well as our inner sense of self."

To those who make that choice, there is no doubt that the feel of a hand crafted object, made by a dedicated artist, brings a sense of solace and joy over any mass manufactured item.  Whether you need a special pot for your favorite local honey, or a pour-over mug for that perfect morning cup of coffee, they can be found here at Amiro.


Debra Mixon Holliday is a St Augustine based artist, whose southern roots and love of nature shine through in her printmaking.   Her work runs through the many moods of our environment, from whimsical to pristine, shadowy to gloriously illuminated.   Debra may show us a bright Red Cardinal in a full tree or a Crow observing from a naked bough, but always her  textures, patterns and the emotion of the moment shine through. 

Her technical expertise utilizes a number of printmaking skills and techniques, including monotype, relief, and intaglio, enhanced with collage and drawing in graphite and colored pencil.

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