Thursday, March 2, 2017

First Friday Artwalk - March brings new art to Amiro!


Amiro welcomes Susan Icove to our gallery.  Susan creates three-dimensional collages to form the body of each lamp or candlestick. Ordinary household objects reappear in surprising, delightful, and sometimes hilarious ways.

Each lamp has a theme, and every component is significant. Susan may try thousands of different combinations of components, taking parts on and off repeatedly, before she finds the arrangement that works.

Susan finds lamp parts by searching junkyards, thrift stores, and yards sales- and even by dumpster diving! Once she has completed the base, she then creates a lampshade uniquely suited to it, using a variety of techniques, including drawing, collaged paper, and fabric.


Emma Greenhill was born and educated in the South of England studying Art and Design in college.
She has always had a love of all things artistic and has been encouraged to pursue her own style by an eclectic family upbringing. Her artwork has ebbed and flowed over the years depending on life circumstances. Her work is currently influenced by the huge amount of inner strength that women possess, often hidden until tough times hit. 

Emma celebrates being a two time cancer survivor and is continually overawed by the wonderful brave women she has met on her journey.  She currently resides in Fleming Island, FL with her husband and together they share a beautiful family of six children. 

She also teaches fun art classes at Bottle and Bottega in Jacksonville.

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