Wednesday, February 1, 2017

February First Friday - Fall in love with 'The Sinking World of Andreas Franke'

It's almost Valentines Day, and love is in the air! We wanted to showcase the eerily romantic world of artist Andreas Franke.  Hailing from beautiful Vienna, Austria, Andreas Franke has taking his passion for the ocean and combined it beautifully with his passion for photography.  Shooting underwater at the wrecks of the USS Mohawk, USS Vandenberg and the SS Stavronikita, Andreas takes these images and makes composites with his studio photography.  His work brings a Jules Verne like reality to view, like dreams strewn into the sea from a time long gone. 

 As if that were not remarkable enough, the photographs are taken to their first gallery show, back underwater to their place of origin.  There occurs the final act of creation, as the ocean itself plays a role.  Over the period of months,  marine life attaches itself to the work and the frames, creating unique patinas and patterns, adding a new dimension.  The works are then brought back from the ocean gallery, dried and sealed for presentation.

From Istanbul to Brussels, Washington DC to Monaco, the Sinking World of Andreas Franke continues to fascinate and draw viewers and collectors from around the world.  We are delighted at Amiro Art & Found to present to you a selection of these underwater masterpieces, sold in a presentation package with an book explaining the process and art of this modern master.  Unique and unexpected, we know you'll love his work as much as we do.

All photographs from of 'The Sinking World of Andreas Franke'

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