Wednesday, November 30, 2016

SPECIAL EXHIBITION: Healing Hands in Saint Augustine

If you know Amiro, you know we love our community. Working with our artists and committing to projects that enrich the place where we live is part of what drives us.  As such, December brings two very special exhibits to Amiro Art + Design.

Lenny Foster - Healing Hands

The Healing Hands project began 20 years ago with a series of images created during a week-long Coumba Lamba healing ritual in Senegal, West Africa. Over 175 images have been created since those first six images. Most of these images have been created while attending diverse cultural ceremonies throughout the United States, South Pacific, Bahamas and the Carribean. The subjects in this ever-expanding collection range in age from 6 months to 106 years of age, and represent all walks of life. Medicine men and women, ministers, artists, shamans, musicians, healers, horsemen/women, family and friends, kids and wise elders are all included in the collection. With each encounter and image created, Spirit has revealed itself, while, at the same time, also inspiring a desire for spiritual growth and healing for myself, and for the many others who have come in contact with the work. May you too be moved by the power of these images. What we all share, no matter our country of origin, is the innate desire for joy, peace and love in our lives. This collection is a recognition and celebration of our commonalities.  Lenny writes:

"I realize now more than ever that this collection is actually a journal documenting my moments with incredible beings. I've been blessed to be in a position to witness the many paths to -- as well as the many voices of -- Spirit. This body of work, to some degree, reflects my quest, intent and desire, using my camera as the vehicle, to be in constant communion with the Divine . An additonal blessing, is that I have seen how much these images can move people to a place of peace , contentment, and joy -- as welll as longing and sometimes even sorrow -- as some are reminded of a dear one who's no longer in the physical realm. 

As I look at the collection, I am reminded that we come from Spirit, are reflections of Spirit, and when our bodies are no longer necessary, will return to Spirit. This is my contribution: to share what I have seen and felt, and I hope that it will be of value to those of you who encounter the work."

Lenny is excited about his move to St. Augustine and is happy to present new images for the Healing Hands collection, that were created in his new home city.

Inside/Out: Seeing Days in the Lives of Incarcerated Children:

In May of 2016 the Cyprian Center for Expressive Arts received a $500 State of the Arts license plate grant from St. John's Cultural Council for "Inside/Out: Seeing Days in the Lives of Incarcerated Children." This exciting photography program began in September and takes place at St. Johns County Youth Academy under the direction of Joe Marx, founder of the St. Augustine Film Society & The Golden Way: Films That Make A Difference. The Golden Way is a a partner with and initiative of Compassionate St. Augustine. 

Healing Hands - St. Johns County Youth Academy Exhibit: 
Inspiration for the Healing Hands Exhibit came from professional photographer Lenny Foster and was presented to the photography class at the Youth Academy as a final class project. With limited props and locations available to them, the students produced some extraordinary photographs, some of which will be on display during First Friday Artwalk.

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