Friday, October 28, 2016

New for November Art Walk - Part 1

It's been a tough few weeks for the Ancient City, and we are thankful that our galleries escaped the wrath of Hurricane Matthew. So many local businesses and galleries were affected by this storm, it's truly heartwarming to see the outpouring of love in the city. We had to cancel last month's Art Walk, but you can't stop great art! Let's celebrate our spirit of strength and community, and join us next week for...

First Friday Art Walk - Nov 4th


Lenny Foster was named as a ‘Taos Living Master’ in 2007 for his photographic contributions to the world. His photography is a testament to his search for beauty and spirituality, not just in the American Southwest, but across the world. In 2013, Lenny published his first fine art book, Healing Hands: Embodied Spirit & Light in Photographs & Prose. It was reprinted in 2015, and volume 2 of Healing Hands will be available in 2017. Lenny Just published ”Enchanted Land, A Taos Twenty Year Retrospective”.

Looking ahead, Lenny says, “I am excited about the possibilities and the promise of my work, hoping that it will continue to have a pro- found emotional and spiritual impact on myself and on the individuals who experience the images. My belief is that as I mature as a spiritual being and an artist, the work will also develop and, to a greater degree, become a creative vehicle for transcending challenging times and for celebrating the beauty, grace and power of Spirit.”

Becoming a permanent resident in St. Augustine by the first of the year, Foster will be bringing his ‘Seascapes’ to Amiro as his vision expands from the Southwest to the Florida shore.


Derek O’Brien will be exhibiting a selection of his stark, abstract paintings. Creation of his free-flowing, natural work is part of a ritualistic experience for Derek. Each concept erupts onto the canvas creating tension between the white background and and his markings, sometimes monochromatic, sometimes in bold color.

Even though abstract art was foreign to Derek until after he graduated from Flagler College in 2012 with a BA degree in the fine art department, he still possessed knowledge of painting techniques as well as conceptual art that have helped his work develop more fully.


Donna Jensen attended Dominican College in New Orleans, Louisiana and studied sculpture with the artist Angela Gregory.  The inspiration for her bisque-fired, clay dancers comes from actual ballets and performers. The objective is to capture the movement and joy of the dance.

The pieces are hand-built in clay, bisque-fired, glazed and then raku-fired. Raku-firing involves pulling the pieces from the kiln as the glaze is melting. The glaze crazes due to the fast-cooling. The pieces are then smoked in a bed of sawdust resulting in the unglazed portion of the pieces smoked dark. The greens and reds in some pieces are the result of copper in the glaze.

We have so much new work at both Amiro galleries to talk about, so keep an eye on this spot for more on November's First Friday Art Walk!

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