Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Lyn Asselta, David Ouellette and more for February First Friday Artwalk

Lyn Asselta

It's been a wonderful month for our artists at Amiro Art + Design!  We had sculptor, Lucy Clark join us for a succesful 'Meet the Artist' event and Lyn Asselta gained national and local attention for her work. We'd also like to thank Florida State Homes for their article about our galleries.  Check out the article on their website here. 

Lyn Asselta has become one of the most well recognized pastel artists in the country.  Her landscapes have become so appreciated that her work graced the cover of the most recent issue of Pastel Journal.  Lyn is featured artist in this acclaimed magazine, and as writer Amy Leibrock puts it:

Asselta builds landscapes that make viewers pause and listen to what a place has to say. A wave of familiarity comes through in the details she includes—details that others might choose to omit: a weed-like cluster of palm trees, an abandoned shed, a chain-link fence or the back of a street sign.
Lyn Asselta
Lyn's travels have taken her across the country, but those who are familiar with Florida will find her depictions of the salt marshes, waterways and ocean pathways particularly evocative. Sometimes haunting in their beauty, always capturing the peace of nature in solitude. Far from bustling streets and beaches, the solace of these spaces is reflected in each delicate stroke of color.

Lyn is a Signature Member of the Pastel Society of America (PSA) and a Master's Circle recipient of the International Association of Pastel Societies.  She is the founder and C0-President of the First Coast Pastel Society (FL), and is a member of several other pastel societies as well as a member of the American Artists.  In 2009, Lyn had the honor of being an Artist in Residence for the National Park Service at Acadia National Park in Maine.


David Ouellette returns to Amiro Art + Design with new work, to inspire and challenge our concepts of movement and color.   David is an art history Professor, former gallery director, lecturer, and art consultant. His paintings bring a sense of motion into the visual realm. The work is sensual and gestural, capturing the immediacy in using enamel paint as medium.  David tells us, 

David Ouellette
"I tend to develop works with an energy and intensity and a power in abstract form that presents themselves almost as a story, if you will, with characters, plots and subplots, beginnings, ends, all of which can be read by the viewer, however which is subject to their own interpretation and imagination. All my works carry the signature of approach and manner of handling. The starting point might be quick to come of slow to evolve; either way the result must ring true. There is an instinctive gauge that measures the design with form, with color, with strokes and the textures that culminates in what I feel is a complete statement. Michelangelo said his eye was his only measure. I mentioned the importance of the medium, and the tools for that matter, but most assuredly, for me, the paint. In most cases I use enamels: fluid, glossy and quick to set up. There is an immediacy that is inherent to the enamel paint medium. I also am able to engage the various colors and tones while they are in the liquid state, or adjust their character with the controlled use of solve, where gravity is a factor. Nature in the studio. 

David Ouellette

Amiro Art + Design will also have new work by batik artist Cindy Wilson, and clay sculpture from Lucy Clark as well as our other featured artists, Darrell George, Trasea Womack, Estella Fransbergen and Gabrielle Gould.

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