Thursday, December 3, 2015

December Art Walk - Shop Local, Art Local

Amiro Art & Found on Aviles Street during the Nights of Lights

Amid the post-thanksgiving haze, we all look for the perfect gift for someone special.  So many of us avoid the crowds at the mall and have taken to buying gifts online.  Perhaps you feel that the holidays have lost something of their magic in the over-commercialized world that we find ourselves in.  We stay at home, click into the shopping cart and move on to the next thing.

Heather Hall - Handmade Scarves
Imagine a place where there is no traffic.  Just friends talking in the street.  Music and wine, the smell of apple cider and the lights twinkling overhead.  Not a T-shirt shop, commercial outlet or corporate brand in sight, just restaurants, museums and art.  Not just beautiful paintings, but vibrant sculptures, jewelry, photography, books and items that you have never seen or imagined.  Something for everyone? Yes, every budget, every taste.  What's your best friend's style?  A new handmade scarf for mom? Perhaps an oddity for your kid brother's college dorm room?

Welcome to Aviles Street

Yes, you can shop, but more important is the spirit that we will experience tomorrow night.  Old friends and new friends, sharing, talking, admiring and participating in their community.  This old city loves it's people and the people love this old city, and Aviles Street is it's oldest street.

Amiro Galleries are owned by a group of local artists and feature the work of many other North-Florida and St Augustine based artists.

Lucy Clark Pottery
We have new work at Amiro Art + Design from Estella Fransbergen, as well as an installation 'Drawing is Dead' by Matthew S. Bennett.  We have jewelry by Gabrielle Gould, and art by Jim Macbeth, Deane Kellogg and Nancy Hamlin-Vogler

At Amiro Art & Found, we've brought in new antique furniture and lots of new work.  We are especially happy to bring Lucy Clark's hand built pottery to the gallery.  This is the time of year for Heather Hall's handmade scarves to wrap up in.  Marcia Myrick Siany's jewelry is as unique as the women who wear it.  Also featured are Anna Tomczak, Donna McCarthy Jensen, Ken Jensen, Wendy Mandel McDaniel and more

We look forward to seeing everyone down at the Amiro Galleries, to share drinks and snacks, friendship and love.

Amiro Art & Found

Amiro Art & Found

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