Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Celebration of the Human Form and Mother Nature - The Transformative Work of Estella Fransbergen

 You can picture the scene, the crackling hickory and oak, ablaze. Sage scents the air, as the artist completes an act of purification. The time of meditation has passed, and the artist, in ritual fashion, commits her sculpture to the fire.

The time of creation is over for now, her hands have shaped the gifts of the earth into a human form.  Clay, coiled and cut, formed with patience and care, animated in the mind of the artist, it has already become a mirror of life. Now in the cool Indiana night, the fire takes the gift, and works it's own magic.  Firming the once soft material, tongues of flame reach like brushes, painting their own beauty. The crackling fire signals its desire and forms lightning like patterns across the glaze.  The artist can only coax, never demand, the final image.  At the right moment, the artist's keen eye catches the perfection of the fire, and retrieves the form.

 The finishing work, with bronze or steel or sand completes the look, but nature must still be honored and the torso adorned.  Wire twists and spins, perhaps laced with stones, beads, pearls, feathers or seeds. The choice is symbolic and harmonious. The sculpture knows it must be dressed to meet it's unique personality, and the artist meets those needs as a matter of respect to the divinity of nature.  The sculpture is not named, as the artist feels it is not her place, but is her gift to whoever the sculpture calls to.

When the art is placed in a gallery, such as ours, the relationship does not end.  Each torso finds it's home, imparting the beauty and power of the ritual in which it was created to the space in which it dwells.

Estella Fransbergen says that she only creates torsos, "because the torso houses the heart".  We are thankful this season, to have an artist in our gallery with so much heart.

Estella Fransbergen has new work at Amiro Art + Design.  Join us this Friday for first Friday Artwalk.  Learn more about Estella and her work 


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