Thursday, July 30, 2015

Diane Naylor at Amiro Art + Design

The Labyrinth Series from Diane Naylor on Vimeo.

Runes.  The ancient alphabet used in Northern Europe for centuries. Runa was a word whose very name meant 'Mystery'.  Each rune represents a letter or sound, and each rune also has it's own meaning, as ascribed to in the ancient rune poems of England and Scandinavia.

Artist Diane Naylor, has created her 'Labyrinth Series' as visions of nature, each with runic inscriptions subtly painted on and around the canvas.   The viewer is asked to examine each work, and to search the greater depth by decoding the runic formulas.  Revealed are wisdoms from sages around the world, we won't spoil the surprise by giving away too much, but we will give you a card with the means to translate the work.

Other codes may even be revealed, within the sacred geometry of the objects depicted.  Each layer of intricacy, building an esoteric body of work that is both accessible and personal.  Nature guides the artist's hand in taking the viewer beyond oil and canvas and opens the door to a meditation in art.

In the words of the artist "My love for the planet inspires my artwork to communicate the importance of all beings great & small. My wish is to create compassion & to raise the consciousness of your atmosphere with my artwork."

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