Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tiny Dancers by Donna McCarthy Jensen

 Donna McCarthy-Jensen's hand sculpted dancers take the center of the floor at Amiro Art+ Design. Leaping and sweeping with life and motion, these hand-built, raku-fired, copper-glazed, clay sculptures never fail to charm, as they invite us into their world to dance alongside them.

Donna attended Dominican College in New Orleans, Louisiana and studied sculpture with the artist Angela Gregory. She later earned an M. Ed. in Art Education from the University of Florida. She teaches and works in clay with her husband, clay artist Ken Jensen, in North Florida.

The pieces are hand-built in clay, bisque-fired, glazed and then raku-fired. Raku-firing involves pulling the pieces from the kiln as the glaze is melting. The glaze crazes due to the fast-cooling. The pieces are then smoked in a bed of sawdust resulting in the unglazed portion of the pieces smoked dark. The greens and reds in some pieces are the result of copper in the glaze.

Visit more of Donna's work in our gallery
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