Tuesday, December 29, 2015

HAPPY NEW YEAR! First Friday, first of the year, first of January!

The new year brings new artists to the First Friday Art Walk, opening exhibition on January 1st 5-9 pm. Amiro Art + Design is pleased to showcase the work of seven artists for January, Febuary and March 2016.
Cindy Wilson
Long time Saint Augustine resident and graphic designer, Cindy Wilson, has become totally immersed in exploring the possibilities working with hot wax and dyes on cotton fabric, and her new mantle as an award-winning batik artist. She is presenting new works in a series entitled "Adventures in Batik" showcasing her meticulous attention to detail in a variety of subject matter.
Darrell George
 Painter Darrell George from Bethlehem PA, says potential lies in anything. Creative minds will seek boundless beauty, found in the corner of any room.  George paints figurative abstracts in oil that allows just enough control of the medium to get a three-dimensional message across on a two dimensional surface. It is in the exaggeration of our imperfections Darrell George finds beauty. The viewer is tempted to look more than once, recognizing something new within the layers at each glimpse.
Lyn Asselta
Lyn Asselta’s pastel landscapes have been described as expressive, evocative and timeless. Her paintings are inspired by the environment around her, both natural and manmade, but she is particularly drawn to images that relay a sense of solitude and strength. Asselta's pastel paintings have been exhibited throughout the United States and in France. Founder and current co-president of the First Coast Pastel Society,  Signature Member of the Pastel Society of America and Master's Circle of the International Assoc. of Pastel Societies, Lyn is also a sought-after workshop instructor in her medium. Home and studio are located in Vilano Beach, Fl.

Local artist David Ouellette is an art history Professor, former gallery director, lecturer, and art consultant. His paintings bring a sense of motion into the visual realm. The work is  sensual and gestural, capturing the immediacy in using enamel paint as medium. Ouellette is able to engage in various colors and tones while in their liquid state, adjusting character with the use of controlled solve and gravity.

Jewelry designer Gabrielle Gould shows  pieces of her signature whimsical work in oxidized silver, gold and enamel. 
Trasea Womack has ocean-themed glass lampwork jewelry and ornaments.
Estella Fransbergen exhibits new raku fired sculptures, detailed with natural stones, crystals and feathers. Fransbergen was recently the featured artist in Tampa of a partnership between Syd Entel Gallery and Dillard's Department Store in a Tribute to the Dress 2. One of her sculptures was auctioned in a fundraiser for All Children's Hospital.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

December Art Walk - Shop Local, Art Local

Amiro Art & Found on Aviles Street during the Nights of Lights

Amid the post-thanksgiving haze, we all look for the perfect gift for someone special.  So many of us avoid the crowds at the mall and have taken to buying gifts online.  Perhaps you feel that the holidays have lost something of their magic in the over-commercialized world that we find ourselves in.  We stay at home, click into the shopping cart and move on to the next thing.

Heather Hall - Handmade Scarves
Imagine a place where there is no traffic.  Just friends talking in the street.  Music and wine, the smell of apple cider and the lights twinkling overhead.  Not a T-shirt shop, commercial outlet or corporate brand in sight, just restaurants, museums and art.  Not just beautiful paintings, but vibrant sculptures, jewelry, photography, books and items that you have never seen or imagined.  Something for everyone? Yes, every budget, every taste.  What's your best friend's style?  A new handmade scarf for mom? Perhaps an oddity for your kid brother's college dorm room?

Welcome to Aviles Street

Yes, you can shop, but more important is the spirit that we will experience tomorrow night.  Old friends and new friends, sharing, talking, admiring and participating in their community.  This old city loves it's people and the people love this old city, and Aviles Street is it's oldest street.

Amiro Galleries are owned by a group of local artists and feature the work of many other North-Florida and St Augustine based artists.

Lucy Clark Pottery
We have new work at Amiro Art + Design from Estella Fransbergen, as well as an installation 'Drawing is Dead' by Matthew S. Bennett.  We have jewelry by Gabrielle Gould, and art by Jim Macbeth, Deane Kellogg and Nancy Hamlin-Vogler

At Amiro Art & Found, we've brought in new antique furniture and lots of new work.  We are especially happy to bring Lucy Clark's hand built pottery to the gallery.  This is the time of year for Heather Hall's handmade scarves to wrap up in.  Marcia Myrick Siany's jewelry is as unique as the women who wear it.  Also featured are Anna Tomczak, Donna McCarthy Jensen, Ken Jensen, Wendy Mandel McDaniel and more

We look forward to seeing everyone down at the Amiro Galleries, to share drinks and snacks, friendship and love.

Amiro Art & Found

Amiro Art & Found

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Celebration of the Human Form and Mother Nature - The Transformative Work of Estella Fransbergen

 You can picture the scene, the crackling hickory and oak, ablaze. Sage scents the air, as the artist completes an act of purification. The time of meditation has passed, and the artist, in ritual fashion, commits her sculpture to the fire.

The time of creation is over for now, her hands have shaped the gifts of the earth into a human form.  Clay, coiled and cut, formed with patience and care, animated in the mind of the artist, it has already become a mirror of life. Now in the cool Indiana night, the fire takes the gift, and works it's own magic.  Firming the once soft material, tongues of flame reach like brushes, painting their own beauty. The crackling fire signals its desire and forms lightning like patterns across the glaze.  The artist can only coax, never demand, the final image.  At the right moment, the artist's keen eye catches the perfection of the fire, and retrieves the form.

 The finishing work, with bronze or steel or sand completes the look, but nature must still be honored and the torso adorned.  Wire twists and spins, perhaps laced with stones, beads, pearls, feathers or seeds. The choice is symbolic and harmonious. The sculpture knows it must be dressed to meet it's unique personality, and the artist meets those needs as a matter of respect to the divinity of nature.  The sculpture is not named, as the artist feels it is not her place, but is her gift to whoever the sculpture calls to.

When the art is placed in a gallery, such as ours, the relationship does not end.  Each torso finds it's home, imparting the beauty and power of the ritual in which it was created to the space in which it dwells.

Estella Fransbergen says that she only creates torsos, "because the torso houses the heart".  We are thankful this season, to have an artist in our gallery with so much heart.

Estella Fransbergen has new work at Amiro Art + Design.  Join us this Friday for first Friday Artwalk.  Learn more about Estella and her work 


Thursday, October 1, 2015

First Friday Artwalk - October at Art + Design

Matthew S. Bennett returns to the North Florida art scene debuting his body of work - "Drawing is Dead"- created while living in Japan. Prior to moving to Japan in 2010, Matthew was a prominent North Florida artist integral to the Downtown Vision revitalization of Jacksonville through the arts and a longtime member of the Butterfield Garage cooperative and the Art Association in St. Augustine. His Off the Grid studio on Bay Street in Jacksonville was a favorite location for art lovers during Art Walk and the venue for his figure drawing events where artists gathered to study and draw from life. Matthew is an award-winning artist who has shown his work locally at the Cummer Museum of Art, R. Roberts Gallery, the Butterfield Garage Gallery, the Haydon Burns Library, St. Augustine Art Association, as well as in Virginia, and internationally in Tokyo, Japan, and London, England.

Jim Macbeth
Jim Macbeth initially came to Saint Augustine to curate for the Lightner Museum- after 11 years he retired in 2000, where he then began to pursue his art.  He has developed a particular style utilizing the method of placing real objects on a scanner to create unique compositions, called scanography. His fascination with technology led him to explore art production on his iPad where he doodles characters he calls "Whimsy Birds". He will also be presenting paper pulp cast reproductions of fossils he obtained while working at the Smithsonian.

Nancy Hamlin-Vogler
Nancy Hamlin-Vogler is a diverse 2D artist who has been with Amiro since it's inception. A skilled silk screen artist who owns an award winning print studio, Eastern Sun Printworks, Hamlin- Vogler will be showing large, intuitive mixed media works on paper with a theme that concentrates on temporary beauty, a contrast from her meticulous prints work. She recently won Best of Show at the 2015 Spring Arts Festival in Gainesville, FL. 

Gabrielle Gould

Gabrielle Gould is a Flagler College alumni and independent jeweler whose work incorporates feathers, shells, fine metals and enamel. Her intricate and colorful bird and fish motifs have a personality of their own and give you a feel for the nature and environment of Florida.

Estella Fransbergen
Estella Fransbergen is showing a grouping of her raku female forms that incorporate mixed media including: glass beads, wires, organic matter and natural/semi precious stones. Her work is a celebration of mother nature and the human form.

Trasea Womack

Trasea Womack is a glass artist with more than thirty years of experience in working with molten glass. Each piece is hand formed through lampwork from solid rods of glass which are heated in a torch flame until molten, and shaped into the desired form. Tracy makes her own colored rods from clear rods, glass powders, and frit (ground up glass), which provide her with a broad and unique color palette.  Tracy's exquisite use of color and her expert rendering of form is what sets her work apart in the world of art glass. Her love of the ocean shows in her marine-life pieces as well as in her seascape pendants and earrings.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Celebrate 450 years of art with Kathryn Carr at Amiro Art & Found

     As we head into St Augustine's 450th anniversary celebrations, we want to share a very special piece of St Augustine art with you. Paper cut artist Kathryn Carr designed and executed this amazing work influenced by the traditional german Scherenschnitte style.  Her work translates into dreamlike silhouettes, shadows of the world around us, casting joy.

     What we love about this is that all of our favorite St Augustine and St Augustine Beach landmarks are there: The Castillo,  the Lighthouse,  the pier, even El Galeon!  There's more of course, but take a look and I'm sure you'll be as charmed as we are.

     We have a number of prints and cards available so join us tonight for artwalk and over the weekend for the Fiesta de Aviles.

      Kathryn has been paper cutting since 2008 with scissors and knife and is a member of the Craftsmen's Guild of Pittsburgh, Guild of American Paper Cutters, Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.

Kathryn Carr

Thursday, August 6, 2015

A Show of Horns - First Friday Artwalk August.

Artist Ken Jensen will be at Amiro Art +Design Gallery this coming First Friday to demonstrate his functional stoneware horns. These whimsical instruments are made on a potter's wheel and each has it's own individual sound. Some can be played like a bugle, others give deep foghorn like notes, and others more like a didgeridoo.

The Artist will be on hand to demonstrate from 5pm until 9pm this Friday for Art Walk, from 5pm-9pm.

Also featured this month at Amiro Art +Design are artists Jan Tomlinson Master, Javi, Wendy Mandel McDaniel, Pablo Hugo Rozada Vena, Elizabeth Fransbergen, Don Martin and Trasea Womack.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Diane Naylor at Amiro Art + Design

The Labyrinth Series from Diane Naylor on Vimeo.

Runes.  The ancient alphabet used in Northern Europe for centuries. Runa was a word whose very name meant 'Mystery'.  Each rune represents a letter or sound, and each rune also has it's own meaning, as ascribed to in the ancient rune poems of England and Scandinavia.

Artist Diane Naylor, has created her 'Labyrinth Series' as visions of nature, each with runic inscriptions subtly painted on and around the canvas.   The viewer is asked to examine each work, and to search the greater depth by decoding the runic formulas.  Revealed are wisdoms from sages around the world, we won't spoil the surprise by giving away too much, but we will give you a card with the means to translate the work.

Other codes may even be revealed, within the sacred geometry of the objects depicted.  Each layer of intricacy, building an esoteric body of work that is both accessible and personal.  Nature guides the artist's hand in taking the viewer beyond oil and canvas and opens the door to a meditation in art.

In the words of the artist "My love for the planet inspires my artwork to communicate the importance of all beings great & small. My wish is to create compassion & to raise the consciousness of your atmosphere with my artwork."

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Obelisk Art 450 and Amiro Galleries

Obelisk Art 450 is an international public art exhibition interpreting compassion in St. Augustine, Florida, the Nation's Oldest City.

According to the Obelisk 450 Website 

"A temporary, international public art initiative of Compassionate St. Augustine, Obelisk Art 450 (OA450) seeks to pay tribute to the 450th anniversary of the nation’s oldest city in 2015 and promote a legacy of compassion.

Up to 25 renowned artists who exhibit regionally, nationally and internationally will be selected to create an artwork on the blank canvas of an 8.5-foot tall obelisk replica of the Monumento a la ConstituciĆ³n on the St. Augustine’s Plaza de la Constitucion.  Each artist will have their own obelisk to work with that will be placed on a historic site within downtown St. Augustine. 

Artists will be encouraged to imaginatively interpret the sites' storylines and the four foundational values to the monument originally dedicated in 1813: Freedom, Democracy, Human Rights and Compassion.

Collectively, the obelisks and their markers will create a "Tour of Compassion" for a projected 3.5 million viewers during the exhibit.

St. Augustine and her sister city - Aviles, Spain - are the first Compassionate Sister Cities in the world. Initially, Compassionate St. Augustine developed Obelisk Art 450, a privately funded project, to foster a legacy of compassion as a tribute the Ancient City's anniversary in 2015. 

Aviles’ mayor and city council have initiated a temporary obelisk art exhibit in conjunction with ours, to celebrate the two sister cities' remarkable shared history. Together, the two public art projects will create a unique international bridge spanning more than four centuries that inspires the values of democracy, freedom, human rights, and compassion for future generations."

Please visit the Obelisk Art 450 Website here

5 Obelisk Artists at Amiro Art + Design

We are delighted to currently have five of the artists involved in this important project displaying their artwork at Amiro Art + Design.

Pablo Hugo Rozada Vena 

Pablo is a recognized alumni of the Restoration and Conservation of Cultural Architecture, in the Sculpture Department of the School of Art in Asturias. During the last three years he has taught "Reproduction of Molds and Handmade Ceramic Pieces" for the Cultural Factory of Aviles. Rozada is also a Potter-Ceramist at the Museum and Municipal School of Ceramics in Aviles, where he lectures. Until October 2005, he worked in an art bronze foundry.

Pablo at work at Amiro Art & Design

Wendy Mandel McDaniel  

Wendy is a self-taught artist and uses found objects, ceramic, glass, stone, metal and wood to convey a story, create beauty, to engage the viewer and take them to their own personal place. She has collaborated on several public art projects in Northeast Florida.

Wendy Mandel McDaniel - 'Tribute to Tibby'

Jan Tomlinson Master

Jan is an artist, educator and gallery owner living in St. Augustine, Florida, whose art practice centers on public art and site-specific installations. Master, as the highest scoring St. Augustine artist, was selected by Compassionate St. Augustine to participate in the Aviles, Spain public art project commemorating St. Augustine's 450th in April 2015.

Jan Tomlinson Master in Aviles, Spain

Donald Martin

Don is a professor of art at Flagler College since 1980, is a multi-media artist with completed public art projects located throughout Florida, including at the Bacardi Corporation, Flagler College, and Jacksonville International Airport. While Martin’s personal work deals primarily with nature, he is enthusiastic about taking on the themes of freedom, democracy, human rights and compassion.

Don Martin - Egg #1, Linoleum Block.

Xavier 'Javi' Brunet

Brunet, hails originally from Barcelona, but moved to New York where he lived for 20 years.  In 2008 Javi and his love, artist Heather Blanton moved to Vilano Beach.  Javi takes found objects and with them creates illuminated sculptures and furniture.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Fish Leather - Sustainable and Beautiful

Artist - Lori Hammer

 Artist Lori Hammer gets some strange looks when she tells folks that the exotic looking leather used in her creations aren't exotic at all.  The leather comes as a by-product from sustainable fisheries, using the skin of Tilapia, Carp, Salmon and Perch.  The tanning process takes 30-45 days and renders a soft, but surprisingly strong product

Fish leather is an eco-friendly alternative to exotic leathers such as crocodile and snake that threaten endangered species. The leather has a unique look, yet you’ll find that the strength and smell of the material is comparable to commonly used land-based leathers. In strength, it compares to sheep skin and is just as soft.

Come by Amiro Art & Found to see more of Lori's unique creations.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Artwalk this Friday - Celebrate 450 at Amiro Art + Design

Celebrate 450 begins at Amiro Art + Design during First Friday ArtWalk by featuring five participating artists in the Obelisk Art 450.
Jan Tomlinson Master

Pablo Hugo Rosada Vena from St. Augustine's Sister City, Aviles, Spain has sent vibrant watercolor abstractions in both 2 and 3D. Arriving in the U.S. on July 7, Rosada Vena will be painting his obelisk and visiting in conjunction with the Sister City student exchange from Aviles.

His counterpart, Jan Tomlinson Master, who traveled to Aviles in April to participate in White Night, or, La Noche Blanca, by interpreting an obelisk there, will show her Reflection mirror series that will be the basis of her obelisk in St. Augustine.

 Xavier Brunet and Wendy Mandel-McDaniel both work in found object mixed media constructions. Brunet's furniture and Mandel-McDaniel's textural wall pieces will be on view.

Egg #1
Donald Martin

Flagler Professor of Art and Design Don Martin will be showing a new series of prints. A master printmaker Martin has exhibited at the International Print Center New York in 2014 and the Bradley Biennial International Drawing and Print Exhibition and the Boston Printmakers Biennial Exhibition in 2015.

The Labryinth series of paintings by Diane Naylor have secrets and a rune decoding system unravels them. Dark and mysterious Naylor's work is new to St. Augustine.

Fine craft continues to be shown with sculptural musical instruments by ceramic artist Ken Jensen, Estella Fransbergens raku torsos, Gabrielle Gould's finely crafted silver, gold and enamel jewelry and Trasea lamp worked glass

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Limited Time: Thomas Glover W. at Amiro Art +Design

'Shark' by Thomas Glover W.

Thomas Glover W.
Thomas Glover W. was a St Augustine based artist, sculptor, musician and art activist.  He achieved fame through his massive and beautiful stone sculptures and owned the Sculptural Stone and Woodworks Gallery and studio on US1.  Well renowned for his artistic vision, Thomas created his own style that shone through the many mediums he employed.  An avid musician, his hand carved guitar bodies landed in the hands of such notables as country music star Travis Tritt and Florida bluesman Willie Green.

Perhaps his greatest achievement was as the father of the Sculpture Garden on St Augustine Beach.  After a long process of attempting to donate a 14 sculptures to the City of St Augustine and being confounded by red tape, the City of St Augustine Beach took him up on the offer and the Sculpture Garden at Lakeside Park was created.  You can visit Lakeside park at 2300 A1A South, St. Augustine Beach, FL. 32080.
'Shark' (detail)

Thomas was a complex man, who loved nature and especially snakes, and was frequently called on to trap and release snakes that made their way from the wild into town. It’s been a little over two years since Thomas died, but his legacy is all over the city that he loved.  His work is carried on by his great love, Marianne Lerbs also a local musician, sculptor and painter.  Every once in a while a rare opportunity to purchase one of Thomas Glover W.’s works.  
We have for a very limited time, one of his larger paintings ‘Shark’.  This visceral work from 1995 shows a dynamic use of color and motion.  The figures in the work are true to Thomas’ style, sharing equal parts of passion and nobility.  This painting will only be available at Amiro Art + Design until the end of the month.  

'Shark' (detail)

'Shark' (detail)

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Amiro in Old City Life Magazine

It's starting to feel more like summer here in the ancient city!  Memorial day is almost on us, and the galleries have been readying for the crowds.  We were delighted to have an article featuring us in Old City Life Magazine.  The print copies are out there, but if you don't find one, no worries, you can view the article here:


There's some other great articles and photography throughout, so don't forget to support this awesome local magazine and pick up a free copy at locations throughout the county.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

New for May at Amiro Art & Found

This First Friday Artwalk will see new art at Amiro Art & Found. Much more than a gallery, Amiro Art & Found can help you turn your home and even your wardrobe into art.  

Wrenn Pottery

This month we have pottery from Wendy Wrenn of Wrenn Pottery. This is fully functional porcelain clay pottery, which is microwave, dishwasher and oven safe,  not just for display but to grace your table every day! Using forms from nature, shaped by the elegant touch of the artist’s hand, Wendy’s art is meant to be used in your daily rituals of creating and sharing food, and extension of your hospitality.  See more of her work at Wrenn Pottery

Segal Silver

We are also delighted to feature new work by Debbie Segal of Segal Silver.  Starting as a hobbyist, Debbie’s creations have gone far beyond her humble beginnings.  She uses polished semi-precious stones inlaid into her hand crafted necklaces, earrings and other beautiful jewelry.   See more of her work at Segal Silver