Friday, February 24, 2012

Press Restart "Off to Paint the World"

In 1979 Eleanor Hughes rented an apartment on Marine Street. A painter traveling from Mexico she found a place that fit her desires. A few months later she met Curt Bowman, a newly arrived wooden boat sailor who had traveled down the East Coast from North Carolina stopping and working along the way. He found a good reason to stay.
The two were drawn to the beauty and culture of life in St. Augustine. After their marriage Curt and Eleanor combined their creative energies on many projects. They opened a storefront in 1981 that specialized in screen printed and hand painted fabrics with gallery space for their paintings.
In 1987 they relocated to Santa Fe, New Mexico and from there Washington, DC where Eleanor worked for the Fulbright Teacher Exchange and Curt, the Smithsonian Institution. Their next move was to Solomons Island, Maryland, Eleanor becoming executive director of St. Mary’s Arts Council and Curt, curator of design and exhibits at Calvert Marine Museum.
They returned to St. Augustine in 1994 with their young daughter Chloe and started Hughes Bowman Design Group, a multi-award winning firm designing and producing museum exhibits throughout Florida.
Throughout their years together, traveling and documenting their experiences through painting and photography have been priorities. The new project the two are planning, "Drawing and Painting Our Way Around the World" will culminate with a co-authored and illustrated travel book. In preparation the couple have been eliminating unnecessary possessions and readying their house for sale.
The show opening at Amiro Art and Found on Aviles Street on March 2nd, entitled "Press Restart" will feature work excavated from the depths of the flat files and art storage area. Much of the work concerns foreign places and faces. If you would like to add some of their work to your collection there will be a wide variety of unframed work as well as framed pieces. “We would like to clear out some of our earlier work so we can start fresh or restart” explains Eleanor. “What we earn from the show will go directly into our travel project.”
Join Curt and Eleanor at the beginning of this new adventure. The show will continue through March 9th.

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