Wednesday, July 6, 2016

St Augustine Camera Club and New Artists at Amiro Galleries

El Galeon en la Noche by Kay Wells
Amiro Galleries have always supported local artists and believe that we have in our region some of the nation's greatest talent.  We are excited to bring you a brand new exhibit at Amiro Art and Design, featuring numerous local photographers comprised of members of the Saint Augustine Camera Club (SACC).  The show will run for the months of July, August and September.

Bok Lily by Allison Bennet
Many of the award winners from SACC’s Annual Juried Member Shows will be among the pictures on display. The shows are non-themed, so the exhibit will contain a variety of subjects and techniques.  

The Saint Augustine Camera Club (SACC), founded September 2010, is dedicated to providing members with educational information and enjoyable activities in the field of photography. The club meets the third Thursday of each month at the Watson Realty Office on US 1 South at 6 pm. The club web site is

Also featured is pastel artist, Lyn Asselta. Lyn’s landscapes have been described as expressive, evocative and timeless. Her paintings are inspired by the environment around her, both natural and manmade, but she is particularly drawn to images that relay a sense of solitude and strength. Asselta's pastel paintings have been exhibited throughout the United States and in France. Founder and current co-president of the First Coast Pastel Society, Signature Member of the Pastel Society of America and Master's Circle of the International Assoc. of Pastel Societies. A feature artist of the Jan/Feb 2016 issue of Pastel Journal, her work graced the cover. 

Detail - Emma Greenhill

At Amiro Art & Found we are introducing two new artists to the gallery,  Emma Greenhill and RoAnn Elias.

Emma Greenhill
Emma Greenhill was born and educated in the South of England studying Art and Design in college.  
Emma has always had a love of all things artistic and has been encouraged to pursue her own style by an eclectic family upbringing. Her artwork has ebbed and flowed over the years depending on life circumstances. Her work is currently influenced by the huge amount of inner strength that women possess, often hidden until tough times hit.  Emma celebrates being a two time cancer survivor and is continually overawed by the wonderful brave women she has met on her journey.  Emma has lived in Florida on and off for seventeen years. She currently resides in Fleming Island with her husband and together they share a beautiful family of six children.  Emma displays her artwork at art shows across Florida and Georgia as well as in galleries and on Etsy.  She also teaches fun art classes at Bottle and Bottega in Jacksonville.

RoAnn Elias

A St Augustine Resident, RoAnn Elias works in acrylics and mixed media, she has exhibited in the Pasta Gallery, Gallery of Local Art in Flagler Beach, the Hollingsworth Gallery, the Salvo Art Project Gallery (both in the Palm Coast area run by JJ Graham) and the I Am Art Gallery.  RoAnn is the recipient of many awards at the St Augustine Art Association, The Daytona Art League, and others, including a purchase award from the Garguillo Foundation this past July and will be in a 4 person show that sponsored by the foundation in October.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

New artists join Amiro Art + Design this June

Don Davis
Don Davis is a Jacksonville native, whose 40 years of experience in pottery has brought an amazing dimension to his art. His work is in the permanent collections of the Mint Museum of Charlotte, North Carolina, International Museum of Ceramics in Alfred, New York, N.C. State University, and the Shirakawa Public Hall, Shirakawa, Japan.  Ancient kilns and ceramic culture are a major research interest for Davis. He presented a lecture “Ancient Kilns of Europe” at The National Council on Education in the Ceramic Arts Conference in Portland, Oregon in March 2006.  He is the author of the seminal work ‘Wheel Thrown Ceramics’ published in 2006.

Kimberly Kelly Santini
Kimberly Kelly Santini had the honor of being chosen as the 2015 Official Artist of the Kentucky Derby.  Her love of horses and all animals shows through in her iconic style.  An active blogger, Kimberly created over 1600+ works with her daily painting pledge, sharing her work with thousands of fans online. 

Also featured are Gabrielle Gould, Lyn Asselta, Jean Ellen Fitzpatrick , Jerry and Nancy Noloboff, Trasea Womack, Chris Crosby, Lyn Asselta and more.

Lori Hammer
This month at Amiro Art & Found, we highlight the work of Lori Hammer.

Lori's brand of unique jewelry is called Boho Blvd. Bohemian inspirations with a modern twist. A juxtaposition of styles utilizing materials with an ageless appeal. These styles are brought back to life by mixing surreal and whimsy, vintage and modern, bright colors alongside stark black and white. The materials are old and new, vintage watch parts, jewelry remnants, charms and various findings. Lori has also gained fame through her beautiful fish leather bracelets, using sustainable leather from farmed and responsibly sourced fish such as Sea Bass and Tilapia.  

We feature St Augustine artists, including Jan Master, Ginny Bullard, Wendy Mandel McDaniel, Deane Kellogg, Marcia Siany, Jim MacBeth, and more.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Plein Air Event on Aviles / First Friday in May!

Mark your calendars! We have a BIG weekend coming up for Aviles Street.  Friday the 6th of May is First Friday Artwalk and on Saturday and Sunday, we have Romanza on Aviles!  It's our annual Plein Air Paint Out for the oldest street!  Hot on the heels of the 'Find Your Park'  Plein Air event at the Castillo de San Marcos, and the creation of a Plein Air Strategic Taskforce to work with the City of St Augustine on artist's rights,  this is shaping up to be a great year for artists in the ancient city!  

Artists will be painting on Aviles Street from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm on Saturday and the artists will show and sell their works through the participating Aviles Street galleries and businesses (including Amiro) from 5pm -8pm Saturday and Noon-5pm on Sunday.  

This is a great day to support local art!  Whatever your level of skill, from amateur to professional,  grab your easels and brushes and come to Aviles Street!  For more information, artists should contact Gayle Nick at (904) 342-2186.  

First Friday Artwalk May 6th

Local Silversmith, Gabrielle Gould will be at Amiro Art + Design, fresh from the spring show at CraftBoston.  Her whimsical style is a favorite, both here and around the country.  Using silver and gold, often combined with feathers and shells, Gaby's style is immediately recognizable.  She stands above the crowd with her interpretation of birds, bugs and sea life, rendered into artful necklaces, brooches and earrings.

Jean Ellen Fitzpatrick is a Florida native, whose work is most familiar to many of St Augustine's residents through her illustrations of David Nolan's 'Houses of St Augustine'.  Jean taught graphic design at Flagler College for three years as an adjunct professor. Her paintings capture a moment in time, a sense of adventure, her love for her native state, and its vanishing places.  
Also featured at Amiro Art + Design are Lyn Asselta, Estella Fransbergen, Darryl George, Chris Crosby, Jerry and Nancy Noboloff and Lucy Clark.

Amiro Art & Found is the perfect place for unique gifts and art.  We select beautiful handmade and carefully crafted items from the most interesting artists around.  From dried polypore (fungi) necklaces to fish leather bracelets, upcycled book journals to amazing shell mosaics, we are proud of supporting these amazing artists by giving them an outlet for their creations.

Amiro Art & Found is featuring works by Ray Brilli, Catherine Carr, Marcia Sciany, Ginny Bullard, Deane Kellogg, Wendy Mandel McDaniel, Cindy Wilson and more. 

Friday, March 25, 2016

Spring brings new art for First Friday Artwalk - April 1st

Ray Brilli

New art is coming to both our galleries for the season, and we are very excited!   

To Amiro Art & Found, we bring the color filled canvases of Ray Brilli. His love of St. Augustine is profound. “As I walk through this city, the sense of Europe is everywhere, not just in one’s eyes but with its aromas as you walk past the little shops. A new found excitement to an artist’s eye is always there, and it need only be sparked by turning a corner, and there before you lies a new scene waiting to be painted.” Ray's love of our city shines through and his impressionist style adds a dreamlike quality to the romance of our home.

LeeAnn Kendall

Imagine rising before the sun for a 1000 days to shoot the sunrise over the Atlantic.  Coming to Amiro Art + Design, is LeeAnn Kendall.   What started as her morning ritual to greet the new dawn has turned into a vast archive of sunrise images.  LeeAnn shares daily sunrise images and morning minute videos on Facebook and Instagram,  and has gained thousands of social media followers around the world. Many have said they depend on her sunrises to start their day and others have told her this is their connection to the ocean or the only time they ever see a complete sunrise.  Leeann will be sharing a selection of her works with us and also offers her archived photos for one-of-a-kind wedding, baby and special occasion gifts from your special dates.

Jerry and Nancy Noboloff
Jerry and Nancy Noloboff bring years of craftsmanship to their furniture design. Nancy attended the California College of Arts and Crafts  (now the California College of the Arts) in Oakland California where she earned her BFA degree.  Mixing contemporary and classic design to make the natural beauty of the wood come through. As Jerry says

Jerry and Nancy Noboloff
"There is mystery in a rough plank of wood sitting in a lumber yard and it arouses my curiosity.  At this point of the project, reading grain can be difficult and I often can get just the barest sense of the wood’s potential.  It isn’t until I run it through my jointer or plane it a bit that I see more of it’s possibilities. Then I feel moved to interact more deeply with it. I know that if I am disrespectful or inattentive with my tools or the wood itself, I can get into trouble: both can bite - splinters are painful, toolbites are often more unforgiving.
      So for me, woodworking is a process of slowing down and paying attention, taking a breath and being patient;  It’s my meditation.  Making joints disappear, having grain transitions seem a natural aspect of the wood itself and using complimentary species of wood in a piece give me great satisfaction." 

As well as these amazing new works coming to our Gallery, we also feature many other artists.

At Amiro Art + Design, we have Gabrielle Gould, Trasea Womack , Estella Fransbergen, Chris Crosby, Lyn Asselta and others.

At Amiro Art & Found, you can see the works of many of St Augustine's artists, including Jan Master, Ginny Bullard, Wendy Mandel McDaniel, Deane Kellogg, Marcia Siany, Lori Hammer, Jim MacBeth, and more.


Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Fine Art and Fine Wine with David Ouellette and Carrera Wine Cellar - Sat March 12th

David Ouellette

A Perfect Pairing! 

Venus Inverno
Amiro Art + Design Gallery will present an afternoon pairing Fine Wine and Fine Art with painter and lecturer, David Ouellette, in an artist’s talk on March 12th and a wine tasting with Carrera Wine Cellars.

Mr. Ouellette will discuss both technique and meaning of his non-objective enamel on canvas paintings. Also in his presentation, he will exhibit and discuss his never before shown impasto oils on canvas paintings, expressive in a similar, yet different manner than his liquid enamel. The difference is the texture, the similarity is the poetic use of color.

Philip Ball in his book, Bright Earth, notes: “No wonder philosophers and linguists so love to debate color - it tempts, and eludes them at the same time that it promises wonders and deep secrets.”  “If music be the food of love, play on.”  “We crown our lives with the gems of color.”

In the realm of the senses, color plays a meaningful role.  It can charge us or give us tranquility.  When many colors are orchestrated together, along with form and structure, texture and gesture, a statement, a sensation will have been achieved. 

Casey and Jessica from Carrera Wine Cellar
The wine experts from Carrera Wine Cellars of 35 San Marco Ave, St Augustine, FL will hold the wine tasting from 2 to 5 with the talk commencing at 3.

Amiro Art + Design is a contemporary art and design gallery and exhibition space, featuring established and emerging artists in various mediums. The gallery is located at 9 Aviles Street, the oldest street in America, in the heart of historic Saint Augustine. For more information, contact Jan Master at (904) 824-8460 or email Like our Facebook at

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March First Friday Artwalk at Amiro Art + Design

Estella Fransbergen 

Estella Fransbergen will be in attendance bringing new work. She exhibits raku fired sculptures, detailed with natural stones, crystals and feathers. Fransbergen was recently the featured artist in Tampa of a partnership between Syd Entel Gallery
and Dillard's Department Store in a Tribute to the Dress 2. One of her sculptures was auctioned in a fundraiser for All Children's Hospital.

Cindy Wilson, has become totally immersed in exploring the possibilities of working with hot wax and dyes on cotton fabric, and her new mantle as an award-winning batik artist. She is presenting new works in a series entitled "Adventures in
Batik" showcasing her meticulous attention to detail in a variety of subject matter. Wilson will be showing with painter Jane Monroe at the FSCJ Kent Campus Gallery in Jacksonville March 8-29.

Darrell George from Bethlehem PA, paints figurative abstracts in oil that allows just enough control of the medium to get a three-dimensional message across on a two dimensional surface. It is in the exaggeration of our imperfections Darrell George finds beauty. The viewer is tempted to look more than once, recognizing something new within the layers at each glimpse.

Lyn Asselta’s pastel landscapes have been described as expressive, evocative and timeless. Her paintings are inspired by the environment around her, both natural and manmade, but she is particularly drawn to images that relay a sense of solitude and strength. Asselta's pastel paintings have been exhibited throughout the United States and in France. Founder and current co-president of the First Coast Pastel Society, Signature Member of the Pastel Society of America and Master's Circle of the International Assoc. of Pastel Societies. A feature artist of the Jan/Feb 2016 issue of Pastel Journal, her work graced the cover.

David Ouellette
David Ouellette is an art history Professor, former gallery director, lecturer, and art consultant. His paintings bring a sense of motion into the visual realm. The work is sensual and gestural, capturing the immediacy in using enamel paint as medium. Ouellette will be delivering a talk on Saturday 12th March at Amiro Art + Design about his process.

Gabrielle Gould, back from showing at the prestigious American Craft Council show in Baltimore, will be showing new whimsical birds and animal jewelry in oxidized silver accented with enameling, gold and feathers. Her unique style has been featured in Metalsmith and Exhibitions In Print magazines, and she continues to show her work around the country.

Trasea Womack has ocean-themed glass lampwork jewelry and ornaments. Her unique style and methods of color fusion invoke the range of emotions that arise from the power of the ocean.

Lucy Clark hand builds pottery using the coil method. Each piece is carved, burnished
and smoked for finished effect. Each piece is different in its aesthetic. Lucy pulls from her many years as a massage therapist and touching people to listen to what the clay wants to be and how it wishes to be transformed into shape in the physical universe.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Lyn Asselta, David Ouellette and more for February First Friday Artwalk

Lyn Asselta

It's been a wonderful month for our artists at Amiro Art + Design!  We had sculptor, Lucy Clark join us for a succesful 'Meet the Artist' event and Lyn Asselta gained national and local attention for her work. We'd also like to thank Florida State Homes for their article about our galleries.  Check out the article on their website here. 

Lyn Asselta has become one of the most well recognized pastel artists in the country.  Her landscapes have become so appreciated that her work graced the cover of the most recent issue of Pastel Journal.  Lyn is featured artist in this acclaimed magazine, and as writer Amy Leibrock puts it:

Asselta builds landscapes that make viewers pause and listen to what a place has to say. A wave of familiarity comes through in the details she includes—details that others might choose to omit: a weed-like cluster of palm trees, an abandoned shed, a chain-link fence or the back of a street sign.
Lyn Asselta
Lyn's travels have taken her across the country, but those who are familiar with Florida will find her depictions of the salt marshes, waterways and ocean pathways particularly evocative. Sometimes haunting in their beauty, always capturing the peace of nature in solitude. Far from bustling streets and beaches, the solace of these spaces is reflected in each delicate stroke of color.

Lyn is a Signature Member of the Pastel Society of America (PSA) and a Master's Circle recipient of the International Association of Pastel Societies.  She is the founder and C0-President of the First Coast Pastel Society (FL), and is a member of several other pastel societies as well as a member of the American Artists.  In 2009, Lyn had the honor of being an Artist in Residence for the National Park Service at Acadia National Park in Maine.


David Ouellette returns to Amiro Art + Design with new work, to inspire and challenge our concepts of movement and color.   David is an art history Professor, former gallery director, lecturer, and art consultant. His paintings bring a sense of motion into the visual realm. The work is sensual and gestural, capturing the immediacy in using enamel paint as medium.  David tells us, 

David Ouellette
"I tend to develop works with an energy and intensity and a power in abstract form that presents themselves almost as a story, if you will, with characters, plots and subplots, beginnings, ends, all of which can be read by the viewer, however which is subject to their own interpretation and imagination. All my works carry the signature of approach and manner of handling. The starting point might be quick to come of slow to evolve; either way the result must ring true. There is an instinctive gauge that measures the design with form, with color, with strokes and the textures that culminates in what I feel is a complete statement. Michelangelo said his eye was his only measure. I mentioned the importance of the medium, and the tools for that matter, but most assuredly, for me, the paint. In most cases I use enamels: fluid, glossy and quick to set up. There is an immediacy that is inherent to the enamel paint medium. I also am able to engage the various colors and tones while they are in the liquid state, or adjust their character with the controlled use of solve, where gravity is a factor. Nature in the studio. 

David Ouellette

Amiro Art + Design will also have new work by batik artist Cindy Wilson, and clay sculpture from Lucy Clark as well as our other featured artists, Darrell George, Trasea Womack, Estella Fransbergen and Gabrielle Gould.