Tuesday, May 2, 2017

May days! Celebrate Nature at Amiro Art & Found this First Friday.

As May day passes by, everything is blooming around us on Aviles Street. We wanted to highlight two exceptional artists who take their inspiration directly from mother nature's bounty.


Wendy Wrenn shapes clay with extraordinary grace.  Each piece of pottery, as functional as it is artful, is designed to bring beauty into the small moments of our day.  As Wendy herself states,

"It is a conscious choice for me each day to make pots, to entice others to use and share these forms.  The choices of where we place our money and energy is an economic statement, but there is also an emotional component and larger cultural significance when people choose to support an artist’s work. These decisions shape our world of external objects as well as our inner sense of self."

To those who make that choice, there is no doubt that the feel of a hand crafted object, made by a dedicated artist, brings a sense of solace and joy over any mass manufactured item.  Whether you need a special pot for your favorite local honey, or a pour-over mug for that perfect morning cup of coffee, they can be found here at Amiro.


Debra Mixon Holliday is a St Augustine based artist, whose southern roots and love of nature shine through in her printmaking.   Her work runs through the many moods of our environment, from whimsical to pristine, shadowy to gloriously illuminated.   Debra may show us a bright Red Cardinal in a full tree or a Crow observing from a naked bough, but always her  textures, patterns and the emotion of the moment shine through. 

Her technical expertise utilizes a number of printmaking skills and techniques, including monotype, relief, and intaglio, enhanced with collage and drawing in graphite and colored pencil.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Cindy Wilson - Views of St Augustine in Batik coming for First Friday April 7th.

Cindy Wilson brings her Views of St Augustine to Amiro Art & Found

After a 30-year career as an award winning graphic artist and owner of a full-service design and advertising firm Cindy retired in Dec. 2013. Cindy now works most days in her studio, experimenting with wax and dyes. The transition from a graphic artist to a batik artist is less of a leap than one might think, batiks are very graphic, images must be broken down into shapes and colors, and the process of creating colors through a series of dipping the cloth into multiple colored dye baths takes a lot of thought and planning. It’s the kind of analytical thinking done constantly by a graphic artist.

Cindy says "This small collection of batiks was born out of a request to create a batik of St. Augustine for my son’s wedding invitation. As I spent time wandering the streets and waterfront, I looked for less told perspectives of this beautiful city.  Even as I focused on the architecture, the natural world competed for my attention.  In these final landscapes, nature ends up dominating the compositions, with bits of the town peeking through. 

It's hard to take this girl out of the woods."

Join Cindy and other Amiro Art & Found Artists at our gallery
  First Friday Artwalk
 April 7th
5pm - 9pm

Thursday, March 2, 2017

First Friday Artwalk - March brings new art to Amiro!


Amiro welcomes Susan Icove to our gallery.  Susan creates three-dimensional collages to form the body of each lamp or candlestick. Ordinary household objects reappear in surprising, delightful, and sometimes hilarious ways.

Each lamp has a theme, and every component is significant. Susan may try thousands of different combinations of components, taking parts on and off repeatedly, before she finds the arrangement that works.

Susan finds lamp parts by searching junkyards, thrift stores, and yards sales- and even by dumpster diving! Once she has completed the base, she then creates a lampshade uniquely suited to it, using a variety of techniques, including drawing, collaged paper, and fabric.


Emma Greenhill was born and educated in the South of England studying Art and Design in college.
She has always had a love of all things artistic and has been encouraged to pursue her own style by an eclectic family upbringing. Her artwork has ebbed and flowed over the years depending on life circumstances. Her work is currently influenced by the huge amount of inner strength that women possess, often hidden until tough times hit. 

Emma celebrates being a two time cancer survivor and is continually overawed by the wonderful brave women she has met on her journey.  She currently resides in Fleming Island, FL with her husband and together they share a beautiful family of six children. 

She also teaches fun art classes at Bottle and Bottega in Jacksonville.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

February First Friday - Fall in love with 'The Sinking World of Andreas Franke'

It's almost Valentines Day, and love is in the air! We wanted to showcase the eerily romantic world of artist Andreas Franke.  Hailing from beautiful Vienna, Austria, Andreas Franke has taking his passion for the ocean and combined it beautifully with his passion for photography.  Shooting underwater at the wrecks of the USS Mohawk, USS Vandenberg and the SS Stavronikita, Andreas takes these images and makes composites with his studio photography.  His work brings a Jules Verne like reality to view, like dreams strewn into the sea from a time long gone. 

 As if that were not remarkable enough, the photographs are taken to their first gallery show, back underwater to their place of origin.  There occurs the final act of creation, as the ocean itself plays a role.  Over the period of months,  marine life attaches itself to the work and the frames, creating unique patinas and patterns, adding a new dimension.  The works are then brought back from the ocean gallery, dried and sealed for presentation.

From Istanbul to Brussels, Washington DC to Monaco, the Sinking World of Andreas Franke continues to fascinate and draw viewers and collectors from around the world.  We are delighted at Amiro Art & Found to present to you a selection of these underwater masterpieces, sold in a presentation package with an book explaining the process and art of this modern master.  Unique and unexpected, we know you'll love his work as much as we do.

All photographs from of 'The Sinking World of Andreas Franke'

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

SPECIAL EXHIBITION: Healing Hands in Saint Augustine

If you know Amiro, you know we love our community. Working with our artists and committing to projects that enrich the place where we live is part of what drives us.  As such, December brings two very special exhibits to Amiro Art + Design.

Lenny Foster - Healing Hands

The Healing Hands project began 20 years ago with a series of images created during a week-long Coumba Lamba healing ritual in Senegal, West Africa. Over 175 images have been created since those first six images. Most of these images have been created while attending diverse cultural ceremonies throughout the United States, South Pacific, Bahamas and the Carribean. The subjects in this ever-expanding collection range in age from 6 months to 106 years of age, and represent all walks of life. Medicine men and women, ministers, artists, shamans, musicians, healers, horsemen/women, family and friends, kids and wise elders are all included in the collection. With each encounter and image created, Spirit has revealed itself, while, at the same time, also inspiring a desire for spiritual growth and healing for myself, and for the many others who have come in contact with the work. May you too be moved by the power of these images. What we all share, no matter our country of origin, is the innate desire for joy, peace and love in our lives. This collection is a recognition and celebration of our commonalities.  Lenny writes:

"I realize now more than ever that this collection is actually a journal documenting my moments with incredible beings. I've been blessed to be in a position to witness the many paths to -- as well as the many voices of -- Spirit. This body of work, to some degree, reflects my quest, intent and desire, using my camera as the vehicle, to be in constant communion with the Divine . An additonal blessing, is that I have seen how much these images can move people to a place of peace , contentment, and joy -- as welll as longing and sometimes even sorrow -- as some are reminded of a dear one who's no longer in the physical realm. 

As I look at the collection, I am reminded that we come from Spirit, are reflections of Spirit, and when our bodies are no longer necessary, will return to Spirit. This is my contribution: to share what I have seen and felt, and I hope that it will be of value to those of you who encounter the work."

Lenny is excited about his move to St. Augustine and is happy to present new images for the Healing Hands collection, that were created in his new home city.

Inside/Out: Seeing Days in the Lives of Incarcerated Children:

In May of 2016 the Cyprian Center for Expressive Arts received a $500 State of the Arts license plate grant from St. John's Cultural Council for "Inside/Out: Seeing Days in the Lives of Incarcerated Children." This exciting photography program began in September and takes place at St. Johns County Youth Academy under the direction of Joe Marx, founder of the St. Augustine Film Society & The Golden Way: Films That Make A Difference. The Golden Way is a a partner with and initiative of Compassionate St. Augustine. 

Healing Hands - St. Johns County Youth Academy Exhibit: 
Inspiration for the Healing Hands Exhibit came from professional photographer Lenny Foster and was presented to the photography class at the Youth Academy as a final class project. With limited props and locations available to them, the students produced some extraordinary photographs, some of which will be on display during First Friday Artwalk.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

First Friday Artwalk November - Part two!

We have so much to show you this Friday, we had to split this blog post into two! We know you've been anticipating this, so wait no more! 

Amiro Art & Found will be featuring a book signing by artist and writer, TeZa Lord.  

TeZa Lord has spent a lifetime in the arts as a painter and illustrator, and has pursued the inter-connectedness of a meditation and hatha yoga practice. Sharing her gift with others, led her to teach yoga to at-risk teens in Juvenile detention in Lakeland, FL.  We are delighted to have her with us to launch her art book, 'We Are ONE'.

We Are ONE is an inner journey depicted through images and words. Vibrant art illuminates the universal feeling of Oneness. This vivid coffee-table book depicts a state of being that many in today's world aspire to: compassion for all in existence.  Meet TeZa and begin your
meditation toward the infinite with We Are ONE as your guide.

Our friends from Carrera Wine Cellars on San Marco Ave, will also be on hand at Amiro Art & Found with a sampling of fine wines for the evening.

At Amiro Art + Design, we will be featuring the photography of Karin Connolly

 "I begin by capturing photographs that are unique and interesting to me. Some are very soft and subtle, while others are mystical and playful. I tend to gravitate toward images where only certain elements are in focus. When shooting in nature, I am constantly searching for that perfect moment where all the elements of light and landscape come together to form a single wonderful moment"

Karin's photographs seem to bring an ethereal presence to reality, and absorb the viewer into the scene.  Each shot reflecting something beyond our experience, while bringing a sense of comfort and solace.

Marcia Myrick Siany is bringing her Wishes, Hopes and Dreams collection to Amiro Art + Design.  Incorporating jewelry, painting and sculpture, Marcia's talents provide one of our most eclectic displays of art to date.   She tells us about the inspiration behind this collection in her blog:

"While we’re embroiled in our currently bustling lives, many of us carry along with us a pocket full of wishes, hopes and dreams for our potential future.  If we work hard and stars align some of these aspirations may actually even come to fruition.  Some may get a little singed on the edges.  Many rest in the flame so long they merely turn to cinder, rather than turning into the thing we want most for them to become.
This collection is about the journey that our hopes take with us.  Its’ about the desires we actually realize.  It’s about the delicate fringes of the wishes that get a little crispy.  And it’s about the hearts of the dreams that simply turn to ash."

The photography of Ginny Bullard is on display as part of the November exhibit at Amiro Art & Design .  A series of images focusing on  texture, color and line titled "Window", convey Bullard's interest in the amorphous solid, better known as glass.

Ginny grew up in Coastal Maine and graduated with a degree in English Literature from Bethany College in the rolling hills of W.VA. After learning to make fine jewelry in Cape May NJ. she moved to Florida and opened several retail stores and galleries in both St. Augustine and Charleston, SC.

Friday, October 28, 2016

New for November Art Walk - Part 1

It's been a tough few weeks for the Ancient City, and we are thankful that our galleries escaped the wrath of Hurricane Matthew. So many local businesses and galleries were affected by this storm, it's truly heartwarming to see the outpouring of love in the city. We had to cancel last month's Art Walk, but you can't stop great art! Let's celebrate our spirit of strength and community, and join us next week for...

First Friday Art Walk - Nov 4th


Lenny Foster was named as a ‘Taos Living Master’ in 2007 for his photographic contributions to the world. His photography is a testament to his search for beauty and spirituality, not just in the American Southwest, but across the world. In 2013, Lenny published his first fine art book, Healing Hands: Embodied Spirit & Light in Photographs & Prose. It was reprinted in 2015, and volume 2 of Healing Hands will be available in 2017. Lenny Just published ”Enchanted Land, A Taos Twenty Year Retrospective”.

Looking ahead, Lenny says, “I am excited about the possibilities and the promise of my work, hoping that it will continue to have a pro- found emotional and spiritual impact on myself and on the individuals who experience the images. My belief is that as I mature as a spiritual being and an artist, the work will also develop and, to a greater degree, become a creative vehicle for transcending challenging times and for celebrating the beauty, grace and power of Spirit.”

Becoming a permanent resident in St. Augustine by the first of the year, Foster will be bringing his ‘Seascapes’ to Amiro as his vision expands from the Southwest to the Florida shore.


Derek O’Brien will be exhibiting a selection of his stark, abstract paintings. Creation of his free-flowing, natural work is part of a ritualistic experience for Derek. Each concept erupts onto the canvas creating tension between the white background and and his markings, sometimes monochromatic, sometimes in bold color.

Even though abstract art was foreign to Derek until after he graduated from Flagler College in 2012 with a BA degree in the fine art department, he still possessed knowledge of painting techniques as well as conceptual art that have helped his work develop more fully.


Donna Jensen attended Dominican College in New Orleans, Louisiana and studied sculpture with the artist Angela Gregory.  The inspiration for her bisque-fired, clay dancers comes from actual ballets and performers. The objective is to capture the movement and joy of the dance.

The pieces are hand-built in clay, bisque-fired, glazed and then raku-fired. Raku-firing involves pulling the pieces from the kiln as the glaze is melting. The glaze crazes due to the fast-cooling. The pieces are then smoked in a bed of sawdust resulting in the unglazed portion of the pieces smoked dark. The greens and reds in some pieces are the result of copper in the glaze.

We have so much new work at both Amiro galleries to talk about, so keep an eye on this spot for more on November's First Friday Art Walk!