Friday, February 9, 2018

We're having a PARTY and YOU are invited.

Amiro Art & Found is saying adieu, but we're going out with a bang! Join us for a celebration of art with music and food alongside Amiro Artists, past and present.  

We are also having a Yellow Tag 25% off sale on many of our items, so stop buy and find that perfect valentines gift.  We're going to miss our space on Aviles Street, as well as our neighbors friends and patrons who have joined in our fortunes along the way, but we're determined to leave on a high, so come and see us on Saturday the 24th from 5-9 pm and raise a toast to the future!

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Our Last EVER First Friday - February 2nd

Amiro Gallery Closing Feb 28th

Dear friends, it is with a heavy heart that we must announce that Amiro Gallery will be closing it's doors at the end of next month.  Our building has been sold, renovation will be starting soon and we are not going to be able to continue.  For the past 7 years, we have done our best to represent the finest local artists, with love and joy. 

We are beyond sad at the loss of our little space, but want to celebrate all the friends, patrons and clients that have become family to us over the years.  We hope that you will join us on Friday, as we host the final Amiro Gallery artwalk.

There is a yellow dot sale of 25% off on select jewelry, silk scarves, prints, paintings and more....

Amiro is a Timucuan word that means, 'Much, Many, Plenty'. For the overwhelming abundance of love and support over the years, we thank you all.


Wednesday, January 3, 2018

January First Friday featuring teZa Lord's new book 'in the I'

"teZa Lord is one of those untiring foot soldiers of love without whom this life we live would be unbearable. in the 'I' is the story of how some badass juvie girls, thanks to teZa, thanks to yoga, thanks to a badass hurricane, found refuge from the storm of life into the shelter of love."
- Yann Martel, author of Life of Pi

teZa Lord, local artist and author, is celebrating the release of her latest book during January’s First Friday Art Walk in St. Augustine.

“In the I: Easing Through Life-Storms” is a true-life story of how incarcerated at-risk youths found comfort and safety within themselves, through Lord’s teaching them yoga and meditation, classes that were geared for self-empowerment. The story takes place just as a major hurricane’s eye is rushing toward their isolated central Florida facility. This allegorical nonfiction depicts the human condition, in general, especially in the face of life’s greatest challenges.

Lord narrates how she spent years teaching “Empowerment Class” to these juvie girls, convicted and locked up after their repeated drug- or gang-related crimes. In a plotted, character-driven narrative, the reader is swept along with the girls’ journey exploring their inner ‘I’, the eponymous subject of Lord’s double-meaning title. As a real force of Nature, a category 4 hurricane’s eye hurls itself toward them on the outside, on the inside of each person who follows the story in this book, lies an inner adventure of a heightened nature.

A Kindle BESTSELLER its very first day available, and afterwards, this book (available as paperback and also audio) has received numerous 5-star reviews. Even more stellar endorsements came from literary notorieties, such as Yann Martel, the author of “Life of Pi” (“teZa Lord is one of those untiring foot soldiers of love without whom this life we live would be unbearable.”); and TED speaker, anthropologist Wade Davis, (“Lord points the way to light and a higher realm of being.”)

Come join teZa at Amiro January 5th! Come talk with her as she shares “In the I” – a book that demonstrates how the human spirit can rise above any crisis. As another reviewer puts it: “This book proves that joy can be nurtured even in a crazy toxic world.”

Lord’s website is Connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

December First Friday featuring Donna McCarthy-Jensen

Building on the success of her 'Tiny Dancer' series, Donna McCarthy-Jensen brings a new collection to Amiro Art & Found for December.  These clay sculptures stand at approximately 5"-7" tall and are inspired by Donna's own practice of yoga.

The pieces are hand-built in clay, bisque-fired, glazed and then raku-fired. Raku-firing involves pulling the pieces from the kiln as the glaze is melting. The glaze crazes due to the fast-cooling. The pieces are then smoked in a bed of sawdust resulting in the unglazed portion of the pieces smoked dark. The greens and reds in some pieces are the result of copper in the glaze.

Donna attended Dominican College in New Orleans, Louisiana and studied sculpture with the artist Angela Gregory. She later earned an M. Ed. in Art Education from the University of Florida. She teaches and works in clay with her husband, clay artist Ken Jensen, in north Florida.  

Join Donna and a host of other artists for December's First Friday Art Walk.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

November First Friday - Featuring Lunasee Studio's Erica Sweeney

We hope everyone had a happy and safe halloween, and we are hoping to see you all out on Friday for November's Art Walk.  We are featuring Erica Seeney, a St Augustine based jeweler and owner of Lunasee Studios. Erica describes her work as:

Jewelry happily lost between rustic and refined...

Inspired by the minerals and metals she works with, Erica brings her talents as a gold and silversmith into a partnership with the beauty nature provides.  
Using rocks, fossils, gems, and minerals, each unique piece is a testament to the talent of the artist.  

As Erica states:

"Stones and metal drive my creative energy and I'm happy to share this love! My personal love for gold, silver, minerals, and the energy surrounding these elements provide inspiration for my designs along with my journey through this amazing, inspiring world."

See you at First Friday Art Walk!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Art for Healing. October First Friday

Emma Greenhill

Art for Healing - October First Friday

It's been a rough month for our city. When Irma hit, we saw the shock of our community coming back from another storm, when so many were still recovering from Hurricane Matthew, not even a year before.  Even weeks later, we drive past the debris piles, leaves, boughs and belongings on the side of the road waiting to be taken away.  We hurt for our friends, fellow artists and galleries that have been impacted, for the families left homeless and we still feel the fatigue that permeates throughout. Our hearts are heavy also for those families affected by the hurricane in Puerto Rico and other Caribbean islands.  

Mala Prayer Beads
We are "St Augustine Strong", and we tarry forth as best as we can.  Sharing our love for our neighbors and committing once more to rebuild and renew our spirit.  

Of course, as we look at the violence from headlines that come to us every day, it seems as though our country and indeed the world, needs healing energies sent forth. 

We welcome all our guests, friends and artists to join us, to bring our community together in art and spirit.  To give your prayers for healing, in whatever way you see fit, and to share with each other the sacred spirit of love. 

Amiro is a Timucuan indian word, that means 'Much, Many or Plenty'.  We wish you all an abundance of healing and joy.

Brad Taylor-Hicks - Venus of Laussel, Mother Goddess

Nancy Hamlin-Vogler - Buddha Cards

Brad Taylor-Hicks - Runes 

Friday, September 1, 2017

September days at Amiro - Featuring Nancy Hamlin-Vogler

Water/Sky: Dune Breach 

Nancy Hamlin-Vogler

We love September.  There's parking downtown, the beaches are clearing out, we have time to enjoy our city and all that it has to offer.  This First Friday, we bring you the work of Nancy Hamlin-Vogler.

Nancy left Maine and the USA in 1979 for a backpacking trip around the world; creating journals and sketch books, collecting textiles, kitchen utensils, and memories of an experience to be treasured. She returned two years later to resettle in Colorado, start a family. Nancy, Tom, and their daughter, Alexis, moved to St. Augustine in 1988, where they continue to enjoy the warmth, history, and inspiration of this small city. 

Shell Beach triptych

As well as her larger pieces, Nancy creates and produces her greeting card collection through her card business, Eastern Sun Printworks, a name that reflects her interest in the Orient.  Amiro carries a number of Nancy's cards and prints as well as original works.